The Sir Charles Clore Jewish- Arab
Community Centre began in 1985
as a simple after-school club run by
Located in the local bomb shelter, this
was part of an effort by the local Jewish
and Arab residents to improve their
declining Wolfson neighbourhood
in Akko.

Our Story



After school activities include
music programmes, karate, art,
ballet and ballroom dancing
as well extra tutoring for
English and Hebrew studies.

Children's Programmes



Pre-school day care to help
nuture and develop the social,
development and learning skills
of children from disadvantaged and
lesser educated Arab and Jewish

Children's Programmes



Programmes are aimed at
women of all ages and religious
We provide a range of educational
opportunities which help build the
women’s self-esteem and increase
their chances of finding employment.

Women's Programmes



The centre provide programmes for
new immigrants from the former
Soviet Union.
The club nourishes the cultural
needs of a population who left
much of what they knew and loved
in the old country.

Pensioner Programmes


Shared Living

The Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Centre in Akko is a unique model of coexistence in action. It affirms through all its activities that alternatives do exist to the culture of separation and mistrust. Indeed, participants are enriched through their involvement with people from other cultures.

Akko is a truly mixed city and the primary objective of the Jewish-Arab Centre is to meet the needs of local people regardless of culture, ethnicity or religion. In so doing, it is paving the way to a better future locally and provides a hopeful model for many other places in Israel.
The maxim “Give me the child till the age of seven and I will show you the man” underlines the importance of the mixed day care facilities, the summer camp and after-school provision where children build relationships, share experiences and learn to live together with respect for one another and understanding of sibling cultures and languages.

Mission Statement

Providing opportunities for low income Israeli Jews and Arabs to come together to learn, meet and play, sowing the seeds of peace and improving the quality of life for all through shared endeavors and understanding. Proactively facilitating meetings with individuals and groups from abroad who hear and experience a positive narrative of Shared Society.


Visit Us

Please come visit us, see our work in action and enjoy the beautiful Old City of Akko – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Please contact Clare Lassman who can plan a custom-made programme to suit you. Email clare@ajcenter.org.il. Phone 00 972 (0)54 8121490.


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