The center is a second home for my son- he has grown up here. When I decided he was ready for daycare, it became clear that this was the best place for him. The carers are like his second mothers. He has grown and developed so much- as a parent, I love seeing his self-confidence grow day by day. Also, the parents also get a lot of attention and help. The daycare is always in contact with us. I also love the programs here- everything that was offered, I went too.

Vivien, Mother with child in care

The Centre provides everything that my kids need. I trust them with my daughters with my eyes shut. The staff is phenomenal and I have every confidence in them. When they say they will do something they do it. I can call them at all times and they are there for me. I have not experienced anything like this anywhere else- I hope this centre stays open forever and that it can continue to expand and develop

Hanaa, Mother with child in care

This is the most problematic neighborhood in the city, and when the music centre started last year, my Jewish students who followed me from the conservatory were nervous. They have really opened up and all get along-the parents too. I always try to mix Jewish and Arab students in my ensembles so they have the chance to create together. It’s really powerful. In the music lessons kids get attention, and they feel wanted…. They found a home here. Music speaks to the soul. What you can’t say in words, you can say in music. People are getting curious about music, too. They always ask me questions, get involved.

Sophie, music teacher

I have grown up here, back when it was a shelter with one room for all the children of Wolfson. At the centre we had two computers, and I remember being very excited about that- it was a big deal back then. TV stars came to perform for us, and it made us feel so important and special. Watching this place grow made me so happy. My child is now enrolled here in daycare. I see the way it helps many women in Akko and the way it is open to all the residents of Akko. The centre is ours to ask, give and help when we can. We have a sense of shared ownership and a place that listens to us. It helped me greatly when I was a young woman- I learned English, attended theatre programmes and went to summer camp. I was sent on a Jewish- Arab exchange program to Germany where I met new people and learned about a new culture. It gave me an opportunity I never would have had otherwise. Growing up, Jews and Arabs had their own schools and both sides vilified the other… it was great to get to know each other and see the human side, not just the conflict, and to stop being scared of each other.”

Rasha Nabrawi, Former student and now a mother with a child in day care