The Meeting Place

A positive example of coexistence

People from all over the world are now visiting the Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Center to hear about and see a positive example of Shared Society/ Coexistence It would appear that they have a thirst for hope and the Centre represents for them an‘oasis’ – a neutral space where they will hear a different and positive narrative. At The Meeting Place, guests are proactively welcomed. They too, together with the staff and participants become stakeholders in future of the Center and a better Israel.

Recent visitors included Jewish teenagers from the US meeting local Arab young people , synagogue delegations from the US and UK, journalists and student journalists from Austria and Germany, student Rabbis from the US, a group of Arab and Jewish women working together and many, many more interested individuals. All are welcome to visit and experience the project. The Centre will also arrange bespoke tours when required.